World Health Care Congress Delivers a Peek at the Future of Healthcare

World Health Care Congress Delivers a Peek at the Future of Healthcare

CardioVisual and more than 1,300 attendees got to see where we are headed

The future of healthcare is here; it’s just not evenly distributed. That is a key takeaway from one of the country’s largest and most respected healthcare conferences. This week more than 1,300 attendees representing a wide array of healthcare industries at the World Health Care Congress (WHCC) saw and heard much about where we need to go, and the pockets where that future has already arrived.

Proper application of technology, data and the need to use basic, common business sense to support patients and improve care in the healthcare industry were major topics.

The application of data analysis was how Geisinger arrived at a simple solution, its Food Farmacy  in Pennsylvania that has helped people with diabetes get access to healthy food at affordable prices. The promise of telemedicine and its current successes also shed light on how technology is already helping healthcare professionals, hospitals, payers and employers to improve care and cut costs.

CardioVisual at the WHCC: Video and mobile are the future

As one of 50 companies selected for the inaugural StartUp Showcase at the WHCC, CardioVisual was able to demonstrate how our app is helping thousands of cardiologists and other clinicians to prevent heart disease and improve the education and experience of thousands of patients in the United States and around the world.

The emergence of a mobile and video-based healthcare consumer was evident in the many startups and exhibitors whose offerings featured consumer, patient and clinician support and service via smartphone apps and video platforms, such as CardioVisual, IM Your Doc and BurnAlong.