Why Use CardioVisual?

Why Use CardioVisual?

Cardio-Visual cardiology app

CardioVisual is an heart health mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad that greatly enhances doctor-patient communication. This platform allows healthcare providers to explain, discuss and demonstrate conditions, procedures and devices with patients and colleagues using a vast library of short animation videos and illustrations of most cardiovascular areas. This tool aims to enhance provider-patient interaction, to improve patient understanding of complex cardiovascular issues while saving time and increasing efficiency for providers.

This mobile heart health app has a number of extremely useful applications.


Doctors can work with patients to review and explain conditions that may require further treatment or procedures, such as mechanism of afib, paradoxical embolism or heart attack.


Physicians, physicians’ assistants and nurses use the heart health mobile app to help explain to patients and their families the procedures that the physician intends to perform, including catheter ablation, ASD closure or coronary angiogram with angioplasty.


Medical professionals are able utilize the app’s device-usage animations; this allow patients and their caretakers to better understand procedures that use devices such as stents, catheters and various arteriotomy closure devices.  These animations are useful when describing procedures such as atherectomy and thrombectomy.

Draw on

Providers can actually “draw” on various high-resolution images to explain anatomy or highlight the areas treated to provide in-depth information.