Pokémon Go is Heart Healthy!

Pokémon Go is Heart Healthy!

Pokémon Go, as you’ve undoubtedly heard, is the latest global craze. People young and not so young are taken with this mobile app game, which — unlike most video games — encourages and requires activity to play it.

Cardiologists such as the ones here at CardioVisual are thrilled that so many are playing this game, because it gets people moving! There are incredible health benefits to playing Pokémon Go!

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is good for kids and adults!

Here’s why Pokémon Go is good for your heart

As a rough guide, current health standards call for able-bodied adults to do moderate-intensity exercise (such as brisk walking) for at least 30 minutes, five days a week.

  • 10,000 steps equates to about eight kilometers or 5 miles, or one hour and 40 minutes walking, depending on your stride length and walking speed. (80 steps a minute indicates a leisurely pace; 100 steps a minute, a moderate to brisk pace; and 120 steps a minute, a fast pace).
  • Walking can use up to 4-5 METS per hour per day. (MET is Metabolic equivalent, is a physiological measure expressing the energy cost of physical activities)
  • A person weighing 160-180 lb (72-81kg) can burn 100-115 calories per mile of walking.


How does this correlate to Pokéman Go-getters?

Pokémon Go-getters are now getting off the couch and looking for these creatures all over the place. Most folks have been walking about 1-2 hours or up to 4-6 km each time they look for Pokémon!  And if stairs are involved, even better! Stair climbing is twice as taxing as brisk walking on the level and is 50% harder than walking up a steep incline or lifting weights. If Pokémon Go-Getters look for Pokémon at least 3 days a week, they satisfy the recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Fun and heart healthy — Pokémon Go is a win-win! 

How does this correlate to health benefits?

Studies have shown walking 30 minutes per day (3-5 hours per week) or 7-9 miles ( 11-14 km) per week can:

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke by 18-30%
  • Improve blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes control
  • Improve body tone, vascular stiffness, weight loss
  • Reduce mental stress


The people who walked longer distances, walked at a faster pace or both enjoy the greatest protection.

And while some folks might consider
Pokémon Go a kids’ game, parents should
think about getting off the couch and
joining in the fun. You’ll get some exercise
and you’ll have a blast connecting with your kids.
You’ll be surprised how much fun
hunting Pokémon can be!


More than 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates said, “Walking is a man’s best medicine.” Now, it seems finding Pokémon can be man’s best medicine!