New JAMA Cardiology Editor Calls for Physician Education

New JAMA Cardiology Editor Calls for Physician Education

In a recent article published in JAMA Cardiology, the magazine interviews its new editor-in-chief, Robert O. Bonow, MD, to discover Bonow’s goals and vision for the well-respected publication.

Bonow has an extensive background in not only research, but also in teaching and clinical practice.

When asked about pressing issues in cardiology today, Bonow asserted that educating physicians and the community is an essential part of advancing cardiovascular health and treatment. In the interview, Bonow also mentions how far cardiology has come in recent years, including numerous new sub-specialties, the ability to open arteries and access to important, life-saving devices that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

As cardiological technology continually updates, the way we educate healthcare professionals, as well as patients, also has to keep up with these advancements. Access to quality, constantly updated educational materials addressing new procedures, disease processes and treatments is essential.

CardioVisual is a digital patient education tool that can do just what Bonow is calling for.  Using the free CardioVisual app, a healthcare professional or a patient can utilize any of dozens of videos that explain cardiological problems, treatments and procedures.  Developed by a practicing cardiologist, CardioVisual is constantly updated with new devices and treatment options. This not only helps physicians, but it also helps patients stay in the know about progressions in the field of cardiology.