Facts About Salt and Your Health

Facts About Salt and Your Health

Most sodium is consumed in the form of sodium chloride, which is table salt. Other forms of sodium are also found in food, so watch out for salt AND sodium.

Try to have less than 2,400 milligrams of sodium a day — that's the same as 6 grams of salt a day, or about 1 teaspoon. That includes ALL sodium and salt — what's in the product, and added in cooking and at the table.

Processed foods account for most of the sodium and salt consumed.

Check food labels — sodium is in some foods you might not expect, such as soy sauce and some antacids.

Kosher salt and sea salt are just that — salt. Don't forget to include them in adding up your sodium intake for the day.

Reducing salt in the diet can lower blood pressure

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Facts About Salt and Your Health