CardioVisual Launches Facebook Group for Cardiovascular Healthcare Professionals

CardioVisual Launches Facebook Group for Cardiovascular Healthcare Professionals

AUSTIN, TX — JUNE 13, 2017   CardioVisual is pleased to announce the launch of a new Facebook group for healthcare professionals. The group, called “Cardiovascular Health Professionals,” will serve as a digital destination forum where medical experts and practitioners can come together to share insights and advancements, especially in the emerging area of digital health.

The group will serve as a well-moderated online platform to bring invited healthcare practitioners — physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, trainees, fellows, medical students, pharma and device industry professionals, hospital administrators and others — together to exchange information about cardiovascular health in a professional setting.

“We get so many questions about the future of digital health as it relates to cardiovascular care, it just made sense for us to put this together,” says CardioVisual founder Dr. Manish Chauhan, MD FACC. “We wanted a place where professionals from different areas of the healthcare spectrum can share ideas about digital health and other cardiovascular topics.”

The company is the creator of the popular CardioVisual mobile app that provides a growing library of curated cardiovascular videos and other media for use by both patients and their providers.

Designed by cardiologists, CardioVisual is used by healthcare providers in more than 120 countries to helps patients better understand their treatments, and then they send patients home with instructions to download the patient version of the free app for further study.

Facebook groups are an important and growing component of the internet’s largest social media platform, used by more than 500 million people today. Like web-discussion forums of yesteryear, these groups allow specific sets of people to share updates, links, photos and more, but with added privacy and security precautions via Facebook’s user-friendly social software platform.

CardioVisual is an Austin, Texas-based company founded by Dr. Chauhan, a clinical cardiologist who saw a need for more efficient patient communication in his own practice. The result of Dr. Chauhan’s search for better teaching tools is CardioVisual, an educational app available for all iOS and Android mobile devices, which uses carefully curated videos from authoritative sources to facilitate and simplify discussion of problems in four categories: cardiac, electrophysiology, structural heart and vascular. The videos detail condition, treatments and devices related to each of the four physiology categories.


Gretchen Heber