'DiabetoCardiology': Focus on Diabetes on the CardioVisual App

‘DiabetoCardiology’: Focus on Diabetes on the CardioVisual App

CardioVisual is pleased to share that we are adding an entire section on diabetes that provides unique content about understanding diabetes and its treatments as well as exclusive content from leading endocrinologists about the association between diabetes and cardiovascular disease and health outcomes. As you know, the most common cause of death from diabetes is cardiovascular-related, and diabetes mellitus is a major CV risk factor with the global rise in incidence of both heart disease and diabetes. In 2019, the American Diabetes Association released updated guidelines for risk management for patients with T2D and CVD. 

Last month, we were pleased to introduce Dr. Thomas Blevins of Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology in a series of videos discussing CV outcomes of a new class of Diabetes treatments as well as the ADA’s updates to their risk management guidelines. According to a recent meta-analysis that ran in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the “priority for [diabetes] drugs should be given to those with beneficial CV effects in the setting of a more comprehensive, yet individualized, approach,” and Blevins discusses here some of the comorbidity considerations that healthcare professionals should take into account. 

A number of interventions for reducing CV risk in people with T2D are changing according to the ADA’s updates. Still emphasized are the importance of exercise, low saturated fat diet, and lipid management, and Blevins shares here the use of newer diabetes medications. In addition, he discusses the updates to medication guidelines for patients under the age of 40 and revised guidelines for statin usage. Recent additions to the guidelines are also in the area of Omega 3 fatty acids and glucose lowering med and CV risk reduction.

Get the details from Dr. Blevins and watch on the CardioVisual app now by selecting “Heart Health and Diabetes.”