CardioVisual Collaborates with St. Jude Medical to Expand App Offerings

AUSTIN, TX — DEC. 15, 2016   CardioVisual, LLC, creator of the groundbreaking medical mobile app CardioVisual, is pleased to announce a collaboration with St. Jude Medical, a global medical device company.

St. Jude will provide expert content for a new edition of the CardioVisual app, a multimedia platform used by healthcare professionals to facilitate discussions of cardiovascular conditions, treatments and procedures. CardioVisual simplifies complex conversations in the doctor’s office, and a patient version of the app allows patients to review material at home in a more comfortable environment, to further aid understanding.

CardioVisual is an Austin, TX-based company founded by Manish Chauhan, MD FACC, a clinical cardiologist who saw a need for more efficient patient communication in his own practice. The result of Dr. Chauhan’s search for better teaching tools is CardioVisual, an educational app available for all iOS and Android mobile devices, which uses carefully curated videos from authoritative sources to facilitate and simplify discussion of problems in four categories: cardiac, electrophysiology, structural heart and vascular. The videos detail condition, treatments and devices related to each of the four physiology categories.

With the recent FDA approval — following a randomized clinical trial — of St. Jude’s Amplatzer PFO Occluder device for prevention of recurrent stroke in certain patients, CardioVisual has added expert video content about the mechanism of stroke due to patent foramen ovale as well as information about the Amplatzer PFO Occluder device for closing this defect. CardioVisual also now includes a video detailing closure of another similar heart defect, secundum atrial septal defect, using St Jude’s Amplatzer ASD Septal occluder device. And yet another device from St. Jude’s — the HeartMate PHP — has earned a place in the heart-health app. HeartMate PHP is a device that supports the heart during complex heart angioplasty (PCI) procedures.

By providing such educational content into the CardioVisual app, St. Jude joins contributions from medical heavy-hitters such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Cook Medical.
“We are honored to include authoritative content from the renowned St. Jude organization in CardioVisual,” says Dr. Chauhan. “Their simple and informative videos will strengthen our app to assist more doctors help more patients.

CardioVisual is honored to work with the venerable St. Jude Medical and looks forward to an enduring collaboration.

CardioVisual Collaborates with St. Jude Medical to Expand App Offerings

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