CardioVisual Adds Spanish-Language Videos to Heart Health App

CardioVisual Adds Spanish-Language Videos to Heart Health App

October 4, 2016 — AUSTIN, TX  In an effort to reach a wider audience, CardioVisual LLC has updated its groundbreaking mobile medical health app CardioVisual to include a considerable amount of Spanish-language content.

The app, which has been downloaded in more than 100 countries, offers both patients and healthcare professionals dozens of carefully curated videos and illustrations that explain complex cardiovascular problems, procedures and devices. Doctors use a professional version of the app in their daily practice to explain heart issues to patients, and then patients can use a layperson-friendly version of the app at home for further study.

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Doctors whose patients prefer Spanish have requested content in that language, to further facilitate communication and understanding, and so CardioVisual has added several Spanish videos, including ones about heart attack (comprender ataque al corazón), sleep apnea (apnea del sueño) and Coronary PTCA-Stent (stent angiograma coronario).

Worldwide, an estimated 427 million people speak Spanish as their native language (even more than the estimated 360 million English speakers), and CardioVisual wants to ensure those people have access to the app’s crucial information.

“We’re continually updating the app,” says CardioVisual founder Manish Chauhan, MD FACC. “And we want to broaden our scope of usability to Spanish speakers, so they, too, can benefit from CardioVisual’s educational content.”

While not all of CardioVisual’s content is available in Spanish, the company is working toward that goal and will issue notifications as more updates are released.