Video: Learn About the Transradial Catheter Procedure

CardioVisual Adds Videos for Patient Education and Engagement to Mobile Health App

AUSTIN, TX — JUNE 21, 2017  CardioVisual, a physician-driven digital health app, is pleased to announce the addition of four new videos showcasing the newest technology and innovation in cardiovascular procedures and devices from two industry leaders to its groundbreaking mobile health app.

Supplied by Medtronic and Boston Scientific, the videos add further utility to the well-regarded CardioVisual application, which is relied upon by healthcare professionals to help patients understand complex cardiovascular problems and treatments.

The first animation, from Medtronic, is aimed at helping physicians show patients the workings of Medtronic’s miniaturized Micra transcatheter leadless pacing system. Micra, the world’s smallest pacemaker, is delivered percutaneously via a minimally invasive approach directly into the right ventricle without any wire or lead. The animation —now available on the free CardioVisual app — clearly and concisely shows this delivery mechanism, so patients fully understand the procedure they’re about to undergo.  

The second newly added video from Medtronic, a biomedical engineering specialist, is designed to help patients understand the Transradial Diagnostic and PCI Procedure, which is the newest minimally invasive approach to performing angiography and unblocking of a clogged coronary artery, with balloons or stents called angioplasty or PCI.

Boston Scientific, a global developer and manufacturer of medical devices, has contributed an animation demonstrating the use of the company’s Rotablator Atherectomy System. Rotablator  is used by physicians to break up calcium in coronary arteries in the leg or peripheral arteries.

Boston Scientific also contributed a video that demonstrates the use of their Jetstream Atherectomy System, which is engineered to treat multiple morphologies, such as calcium, plaque or thrombus, which are commonly found in total occlusions in peripheral arteries. The Jetstream Atherectomy System provides active aspiration to remove debris and help minimize the risk of distal embolization.

CardioVisual is pleased to be able to offer its users content describing the newest treatments from these two venerable giants. The new videos join a sizable library of information from numerous other companies in the cardiovascular medical device industry.

“Every piece of content we add to our app makes it stronger, more useful and current for both healthcare professionals and patients globally,” says Manish Chauhan, MD FACC, founder of CardioVisual and developer of the app. “We’re pleased to have contributions from these two leading organizations.”

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer globally, and treatments of this disease can be difficult to understand. Using content generated and curated by practicing cardiologists, CardioVisual provides healthcare professionals and patients better understanding.

CardioVisual is free to all users and is available on the App and Google Play stores.

See trailers of new videos:


Gretchen Heber