Cardiology and Diabetes Practices Are Integrating CardioVisual as an Educational Tool for comprehensive patient education on Clinicians’ and Patients’ Mobile Devices

Cardiology and Diabetes Practices Are Integrating CardioVisual as an Educational Tool for comprehensive patient education on Clinicians’ and Patients’ Mobile Devices

CardioVisual is rapidly integrating with medical practices and hospital systems. Practices use our app as a validated educational tool for patients as well as to provide an ongoing educational resource to clinicians. Our aim with integration is to aid practices and clinicians in better informing patients by using mobile apps before, during, and after their cardiovascular health appointments and procedures.

What does practice integration with CardioVisual look like? Our app offers a curated source of trusted video content from reliable channels and experts. Patients can learn about conditions and treatments right on their mobile devices. Our app provides short, unbiased videos from clinician experts and other reliable sources on most cardiovascular conditions, procedures, and treatments that help patients better retain information. It then serves as a digital knowledge “seed” to help advance clinical care with dynamic digital engagement.

Patients who use CardioVisual are better-informed about their health, have less anxiety about the treatment process, and can better make decisions about their health. This allows them to make more effective use of their time with their physicians and other providers.

For Clinicians, the app integrates seamlessly with EMRs and patient portals. It allows physicians and other clinicians to:

  • Share simple, clear videos with patients and caregivers.
  • Discuss and learn from peers about new treatments and innovations through CardioVisual’s moderated, clinician-only forum.
  • Learn with regularly-added content for healthcare providers. We work with leading experts in their fields to bring clinicians the latest updates on findings, methods, and new technologies.

CardioVisual has been at the forefront of using digital technologies to increase patient engagement as digital tools become a more common part of medical practices. The FDA is increasing their digital initiatives, saying, “[Digital] technologies can empower consumers to make better-informed decisions about their own health and provide new options for facilitating prevention, early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases, and management of chronic conditions outside of traditional care settings.”

Healthcare providers are seeing benefits from sharing the app with their patients. CardioVisual user Shannon Goldrick praised the app, saying, “The CV app promotes patient-centered care by allowing the patient to remain informed about his or her care in a user-friendly and accessible way. As a nurse, this app helps me understand the procedures and current practices, so that I can help patients feel more comfortable during this stressful time in their life.”

When CardioVisual collaborates with a medical practice or health system, we work directly with the facility, their physicians, and staff to deliver digital educational content seamlessly to their patients. These practice-patient interactions begin before the patient’s first visit as well as during and after to provide consistent and trusted information straight to their mobile devices.

CardioVisual can integrate with practice scheduling and EHR systems as well as their websites. A well-informed patient can make educated decisions on the next steps in their treatment plans with improved compliance! Plus, CardioVisual is completely sans advertising.

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