CardioVisual Announces New Feature of Heart-Health App

CardioVisual Announces New Feature of Heart-Health App

AUSTIN, TX — JUNE 29, 2016 — CardioVisual, LLC, is pleased to announce the addition of a significant new feature to its flagship mobile-device app, CardioVisual.

The new feature, called DocShare™, enhances existing draw-on functionality by allowing healthcare providers to transmit marked-up heart diagrams to their patients for later reference. For example, a doctor might use the draw-on functionality within CardioVisual to indicate the location of a heart-related trouble spot (think TV sports analysts “drawing” on TV screens to highlight a football play). The doctor can then capture that “drawing” and email it the patient. The patient will then have that resource to refer to later or to share with concerned family  and friends. 

“In response to requests from both doctors and patients, we are pleased to be able to offer this enhanced functionality,” says CardioVisual CEO Manish Chauhan, M.D. “We appreciate the feedback we’ve received from our many users.” 

CardioVisual is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that utilizes detailed and attractive illustrations and short, easy-to-understand videos from trusted sources to explain complex heart conditions, treatments and procedures. Upon initial launch of the app, a new user identifies as either a patient or a physician, and is presented information accordingly. 

CardioVisual users have long had the ability to “mark up” any of the app’s numerous detailed cardiovascular illustrations, but ShareDoc adds the additional functionality of being able to share the marked-up images via email for Android users, or via email, text, or social media for iOS users. 

“As a long-time user of CardioVisual, I’m pleased to see this new feature,” says Michael Grad, MD, who uses CardioVisual in his Austin, Texas, cardiology practice. “I pull out my iPad at least once a day to facilitate a discussion with a patient about one heart problem or another. I often end up marking up an illustration, and now I can send a quick text so the patient can take this vital information home.”  

About CardioVisual, LLC

CardioVisual LLC is a mobile-app-development company based in Austin, Texas. Founded by cardiologists, the firm aims to streamline the work of healthcare professionals by enhancing patient education through technology.