As COVID-19 Adds to Medical Meeting Cancellations, Digital Solutions Offer Education and Digital Congress

As COVID-19 Adds to Medical Meeting Cancellations, Digital Solutions Offer Education and Digital Congress

Over at TCTMD, Asif Quasim is wondering if, in the wake of COVID-19 and the need to limit its spread, more physicians and healthcare professionals should be turning to digital solutions for their ongoing education.

Medical meetings and educational summits are being canceled as alarm grows over COVID-19. Infections have increased quickly thanks largely to a virus that can spread before a person shows symptoms or has an inkling that they have it. For physicians, traveling during this time can seem too great a risk. As Quasim explained concerns for clinicians, “If we get infected, it will take us away from patient care at what may be a high-demand period. We might return infected, not have symptoms, and spread the virus to our patients, many of whom are old and have cardiovascular comorbidities that put them at very high risk. It could even be fatal.”

At CardioVisual, we are also uniquely positioned to bring education and insights to physicians and other HCPs as well as to offer a place for a digital congress. Clinician experts offer brief videos through our platform, sharing information on their findings and experiences using new products, techniques, and therapies. Curated by practicing cardiologists, our completely digital offerings are a chance for clinicians to learn from leading experts in their field, all from their mobile device or tablet. In addition, CardioVisual provides an opportunity to interact directly with peers and share and exchange knowledge. Our moderated clinician-only forum, QnA, gives providers a chance to interact with peers, learn from their experiences, and discuss new findings and other points of interest as if being in a virtual conference. Clinicians can also use the app to share educational videos with patients with comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. While conferences allow for medical education and give industry an opportunity to interact with clinicians and engage in discussions, CardioVisual is uniquely positioned to allow industry to bring their new treatment and therapy information to clinician users in real time.

Watch for continuing medical education content coming to the app very soon that provides clinicians with more options to easily access credible content on their mobile devices.

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