World Stroke Day Oct. 29th Educates Public About Risk of Stroke

Stroke is the world’s second leading cause of death, but it’s largely preventable. That’s why The
American Heart Association promotes World Stroke Day every October to teach and inform the
public about the risk factors for stroke, as well as the signs of one.
9 Quick Stroke Stats:
1. 1 in 6 people worldwide will have a stroke during their lifetime.
2. 140,000 people in the U.S. die from strokes each year.
3. Globally, every 2 seconds someone has a stroke.
4. 80% of strokes are preventable.
5. Hypertension​ is the leading cause of stroke and most easily preventable.
6. Strokes cost the U.S. $34 billion annually for services, medications, and lost productivity.
7. 1 in 4 survivors of stroke are at risk of a second.
8. Strokes happen to men and women of every age and ethnicity​.
9. F.A.S.T. = F for facial drooping, A for arm weakness, S for speaking difficulty, and T for
time because being getting help quickly can makes an impact on recovery.

Stroke factors that can be controlled for:
● High blood pressure
● Smoking
● Activity levels
● Cholesterol levels
● Diet low in sodium and saturated fat
You can find more tips for preventing stroke at The American Heart Association’s site for World Stroke Day and at, and Stroke Association (also from the American Heart
Association) offers resources on recovering from a stroke event. The World Stroke Day folks
also put together this very catchy parody video to help folks remember F.A.S.T. It’s education
and entertainment rolled into one.

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