New High Density Grid Catheter Provides Better AFib Mapping Picture

There’s an exciting new product on the market for AFib mapping for catheter ablation. Electrical mapping involves voltage detection on the basis of distance and timing of electrical wave detection via leads and the orientation of these sensors to the electrical wavefront. In traditional mapping catheters, unknown distances between data points or poor orientation to the wavefront — as with other linear bipolar or multi-spline catheter — may complicate data interpretation. The Advisor™ HD Grid Mapping Catheter, Sensor Enabled™ offers a first-of-its kind electrode configuration for high density mapping. The design of the catheter allows an HD Wave bi-pole recording along and across the splines to help map substrate and account for directionality. The catheter’s 16 electrodes are arranged in a grid-patterned design with equal distances between splines that provides faster data collection, higher amplitude and more accurate data in any direction. View the animation of this technology on the CardioVisual App or Click Here.

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