National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week Isn’t Just For Patients

In honor of the National Health Education Week October 15-19, we’d like to point readers to
some new content on CardioVisual. While many clinicians use CardioVisual to instruct patients
on their medical conditions and procedures, we’ve got opportunities for clinicians to learn more,
as well. For those who are always looking to keeping up-to-date on the latest research and
innovations in the cardiology field, we’ve got some exclusive video content from Dr. Andrea
Natale and Dr. Roderick Tung discussing their uses of the Advisor HD Grid Mapping Catheter
and how its innovative electrode configuration has provided a more detailed picture of the areas
in question to guide ablations. On top of this, healthcare providers who use CardioVisual Pro
can share with other clinicians and continue the educational conversation outside the digital

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