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From the Medical Futurist: Top 5 Digital Health Innovations for Food

Did you catch this great article from The Medical Futurist? 

In it, Dr. Meskó Bertalan says there are many technological innovations that help us track what’s in our food and what we should eat.

He writes, “Although digital devices, food trackers, calorie counters, etc. cannot offer alone long-term, comprehensive solutions, they could support eating healthily and reduce the harm we do through food to our bodies.”

In the informative article, he describes the technologies that support healthy eating:

  • Smart Utensils
  • Food Scanners
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Calorie Counters
  • Food Chatbots

We are heartened by the attention that’s being paid to digital health; it’s clearly the next step in the evolution of health care.

Check out the full article from Dr. Bertalan here: The Top Five Digital Health Innovations For Food Tracking and Eating.

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