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Lifestyle Modification Text Messages May Benefit Heart Patients

textingNew research suggests that mobile health strategies could address issues of non-compliance with lifestyle modification routines.

A group of Australian scientists set out to examine the effect of a lifestyle-focused semipersonalized support program delivered by mobile phone text message on cardiovascular risk factors. The researches concluded that among patients with coronary heart disease, the use of a lifestyle-focused text messaging service compared with usual care resulted in a modest improvement in LDL-C level and greater improvement in other cardiovascular disease risk factors. The duration of these effects and hence whether they result in improved clinical outcomes remain to be determined.

Using simple technology to get patients the right information, helping them understand and provide gentle reminders can make a significant impact on their overall health. This is especially beneficial in those with chronic conditions and elderly patients and can help save cost while improving quality of care and compliance with treatment goals

Read more about the study here. 

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