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Infographics added to CardioVisual App

CardioVisual is pleased to announce the addition of infographics to its heart-health app. Already packed with carefully curated videos that explain complex cardiovascular conditions and treatments, CardioVisual is made even better with the addition of informational documents that offer additional practical and life-saving information to patients needing to pay careful attention to their cardiac health.

The app’s new content is carefully curated and compiled from reputable organizations such as Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, and the National Institutes of Health as well as created by cardiologists of CardioVisual based on recommended guidelines and practical information that patients need to know. Each info sheet carefully complements videos already available in the app.

Topics addressed by infographics include:

  • Basic information about reading food labels and how to check blood pressure
  • Awareness and treatment of risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes, smoking and high cholesterol
  • More important topics such as how to monitor heart failure at home, recognizing stroke symptoms etc.


With videos, draw-on images and infographics that can be downloaded, printed, emailed or texted to others, the CardioVisual app provides the most reliable and trusted information for simplified understanding of complex heart and circulation (cardiovascular) problems in one location. Healthcare providers can “prescribe” the app by handing out Rx cards or can simply recommend patients download the free CardioVisual app for the most complete and convenient resource for heart health.

In addition to the infographics, CardioVisual also recently introduced search functionality into the app, making it even easier to find information about any heart topic. Simply click the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and enter a search term in the search field to search for content related to a particular heart condition, heart treatment or heart procedure.

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