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CardioVisual is focused on creating technology solutions for real and daily problems that busy clinicians and their patients face. Less than 5% of healthcare apps and digital tools are created by healthcare professionals and most medical apps are consumer-focused e.g. track exercise progress, nutrition, or heart rate monitoring, or are poorly designed for healthcare professionals e.g EHR. CardioVisual provides an innovative yet simple tool that saves healthcare professionals time, is easy to use, and provides trusted heart health information to patients. Our mission is to increase comprehension, compliance, and quality of care for patients.

Based on CardioVisual’s success in cardiovascular health, we’re branching into other medical specialties as well, bringing our model of curated, accurate and reliable video-based information on mobile devices for professionals and patients alike.


CardioVisual’s aim is to provide digital tools and resources from a healthcare professional’s persprective. Our hope is to improve efficiency while better engaging and informing patients with unbiased information so healthcare professionals and patients can focus on what’s most important:




Manish Chauhan, MD

Manish Chauhan, MD, is a practicing, board-certified interventional cardiologist in Austin, TX.  He completed his medical residency, clinical and research fellowship at Harvard and Tufts Universities and has been in clinical practice for over 15 years. Dr. Chauhan is passionate about improving the medical field through innovative engagement and technology tools for healthcare professional and their patients, and works with a team of dedicated healthcare, business, and technology professionals to bring their common vision to life.


CardioVisual is comprised of a dedicated, diverse team of experienced physicians, nurses, technology and business advisors working in tandem with a highly skilled team of app developers and programmers.

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