Greg Merritt is on a Mission for Cardiac Rehab

Greg Merritt is on a Mission for Cardiac Rehab

When a person experiences a major cardiac occurence, they expect the recovery will be hard, but they don’t expect it can also be isolating and confusing. The road to health is through exercise, but it can sound counterintuitive to get your heart pumping after it’s just put you in the hospital. That’s how patient advocate Greg Merritt felt after his cardiac arrest at the age of 46, but going to cardiac rehab in recovery changed his life for the better, giving him clear, supervised instruction and a community of fellow survivors that made him feel less alone.

The American Heart Association reports that participating in cardiac rehab reduces the chance of mortality by 50 percent compared with those who don’t opt into it. Yet despite its benefits, only 30 to 60 percent of patients are referred to cardiac rehab after a major cardiac event, and only 20 percent of those who are referred actually attend.

Now a champion for other cardiac patients, Merritt advocates for stronger, more collaborative doctor-patient relationships around the globe, and his site,, encourages patients to more actively participate in their healthcare decisions. With the use of current behavioral science, a long history of managing change, and a deep commitment to helping others, PatientisPartner brings a unique perspective to enhance health care. Merritt hopes that through his patient advocacy efforts, he can raise awareness of the benefits and availability of cardiac rehab and help improve others’ lives.

CardioVisual proudly supports Greg’s mission by providing his audience with an educational video-based resource on their mobile device that shares information about heart disease, treatment options, the role cardiac rehab plays in recovery, and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.