About the Founder

Cardiologist Manish ChauhanManish Chauhan, MD, is a practicing, board-certified cardiologist in Austin, TX.  After completing his medical school and training at Bombay, Harvard and Tufts Universities, he has been in clinical practice, focusing on providing compassionate, comprehensive and current cardiovascular care to his patients. He is passionate about improving healthcare professional and patient interaction using innovative engagement tools to help improve outcomes for all patients.


About the Company

Cardio-Visual is focused on empowering clinicians and other healthcare providers with a simple mobile platform delivering multimedia content, to help them better inform and engage with their patients to improve outcomes, patient satisfaction and quality of care.


Healthcare professionals do their best to inform patients and their families, but are often challenged by time constraints, lack of instant availability of simple educational material that is easy for patients to understand, patients’ inability to comprehend or misguided information from unreliable sources. Furthermore, current tools such as brochures or diagrams to supplement patient education aren’t easily available or representative of the patients condition.


CardioVisual was created to solve this daily problem faced by most practicing clinicians and to help better inform their patients. CardioVisual uses patient-educational videos from trusted sources — such as Medtronic, AstraZeneca, FDA and NIH — detailing most cardiovascular conditions and their respective treatments including procedures, to help patients easily understand all aspects of their care. Brief, unbiased, updated, commercial-free videos delivered from their trusted providers allow patients to easily understand. CardioVisual helps providers save time and be more efficient while improving clarity when explaining concepts and procedures to patients.


Based on its success, Cardio-Visual is branching out into other specialties to help simplify understanding of various complex and chronic conditions and procedures.


Cardio-Visual consists of a dedicated team of experienced nurses and healthcare administrators, physician and technology advisors, with a highly skilled team of app developers and programmers.